13 July, 2006

The famous bouncer

Over the past couple of days, I’ve read countless stories about the spirit of the Mumbaiker. Bur something a colleague of mine yesterday, really made me think. She said that the fact that she was back on the trains the next day did not reflect courage, but the fact that she had no choice. As the compartments began filling up again by late evening, I wondered whether the city’s resilience was giving the bureaucracy an easy way out.

Last year, after 26/7 we were too bedraggled and traumatized to react, so even when the roads continued to flatten tyres for the next few months, we failed to exercise our right to information. This year it was different. Following a two-day spell of heavy rain, it became clear that our tax moneys had probably bought the BMC flat screen TVs, and the authorities were flooded with questions they found difficult to answer. Maybe that’s a precedent for what needs to happen after Terrible Tuesday. I and millions of people want to know what really happened and what are you going to do to make sure it doesn’t again?

Going off on a tangent I must devote a para to the city’s public relations executives. They seemed to have bounced back the fastest. At our newspaper, it was business as usual as a Red Bull PR called to ask why her story about their cheerleading squad hadn’t been carried. In an attempt to ‘restore normalcy’ many agencies failed to cancel launch parties that day. One even asked, “But what does the blast have to do with Features?”

If one were to go by newspaper reports, the city’s celebs seem to have experienced the tragedy vicariously and somehow been more affected than the victims themselves. Barring some do-gooders, others like Preity Zinta didn’t think twice before stating that she was unable to sleep that night. Don’t worry Ms Zinta, you weren’t the only one not sleeping.


Blogger newnimproved said...

Mahesh said:
"torch a few Muslims"
When was this done?
Get your facts right. The two events are not linked.
Also did you speak out against the mayhem created due the Danish cartoons?
You wouldn't dare as a ftaw would be passed aginst you in no time at all.
You don't care about Muslims, Hindus, Christians or anyone.
Just your self glorification.
Come out on the streets and do something instead of mentally masturbating here.
And no I am no Sainik or Hindutva. Just a pissed off resident of Mumbai.

14/7/06 03:33  

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