11 July, 2006

Mumbai Will Never Die

This is horrid news. I am still a little disoriented. I couldn't get through my family in Mumbai. I asked my friends online to try getting in touch with my folks, but they couldn't get through. All this while, I had no idea that Mumbai was reeling under a shock of a series of blasts and the phone network was closed.

It has only been a few hours, since I left Mumbai. And being so faraway from home, everything seems a little unreal. My first instinct is not to believe it. Has it really happened? Or is it just a big bad dream? I fervently hope it is. I have the courage to hoard bad dreams and live through them but not reality - reality that is so harsh and unforgiving. However, I know my city is known for its courage, courage to get up, pick up life amidst chaos and move on to make things better. That undying faith and resilience will help us get through.

Thank you, Dan, for setting up WAT.


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I just read about the blasts. I hope everyone is okay. I'm glad you set this up. At some point, can I put in my two cents about global terrorism in other locations? I dislike what my country is doing to counter terrorism, and I fear that things will worsen, not improve.

12/7/06 00:15  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

Yes Susan. You're most welcome to. This blog is not about India or terrorism here only. It is about the conflicts that we find our present world to be in.

12/7/06 00:18  
Blogger Rishe said...

Great work people! This and Mumbai Help. Indeed amazing how technology comes to rescue at the same time as the other end of it perpetrates a henious act. Keep up the bright side of tech.

12/7/06 00:28  

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