11 July, 2006

Mumbai Bomb Blasts: July 11, 2006

At 6.25 pm today the first bomb blast took place in the first class apartment of a local train on the Western Line Network of Mumbai. This was followed with 6 more blasts within a spate of half an hour. The Police Commissioner reports that 60 bodies have been recovered so far. The rescue operations are hampered by the incessant rain.

This blog is an attempt by writers to address issues of terrorism, fanatacism, bigotry, war, censorship, human rights violation, women's rights and any act which violates the idea of justice and fairness.

I invite you to post your comments, opinions, ideas and issues pertaining to these. Let's come up with suggestions to make our world safe and terror free.

If words are your forte and you think have something worthwhile to say and contribute to this blog then shoot me a mail at dan.husain@gmail.com

Thanks & best regards,

Murtaza Danish Husain


Blogger manisha lakhe said...

mumbaihelp.blogspot.com is active right now

i hate being held ransom to these unknown people. how long is the common man going to put up with these blasts which seem to be political in nature.

11/7/06 21:04  
Blogger lovemarks said...

I truly believe that the shiv sena riots were just a distraction for the police and others so that this could be planned!!!

ps: How can I be part of the contribution on this blog as well as Mumbai Help?

12/7/06 09:43  
Blogger Susmita Dasgupta said...

Dan, my shock is far too much to be shocked or angry or outraged at the incident. Usually I hear of blasts and then hear that everyone I know is safe. This time it is not so. I do not know where is it that we have hurt them so that they hurt us back so wildly, what have we done to invoke such a diabolical destruction upon ourselves, what sins are we being punished for and so many all muddled thoughts. Would take a while before I start getting back again.

12/7/06 14:14  
Blogger newnimproved said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

14/7/06 03:52  
Blogger newnimproved said...


I would like to contribute but your first poster put me off.
Words like "Nazi" and "fascists" are tossed like confetti.
They don't get their facts right which have the potential to fan communal fires.
I had put up a post on my ad blog and got lot of ideas from everyday people. Constructive suggestions instead of flowery words.
I will even ask a few defence personnel and other from around the world to share their views.
However I can't share the same platform with well-meaning but misguided zealots who are out of touch with reality.



14/7/06 03:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now stop communal riots

17/7/06 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now can u save some more indian life. shive sena and bjp at the name of condolence increase hate among hindus and muslims

17/7/06 13:59  

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