25 July, 2006

On the face of holocausts
and earthly terrors
I vandalise & smudge these..

"Look deep
for fear in our eyes
and you shall find none

Shells shatter
houses but not homes

Fleshes scatter
but not hope

We stand benumbed
and crimson,
for the gross we have seen

come have our blood too
for its more warm
than your wine.."


Blogger sirbarrett said...

This is excellent survival psychology. The line "shells shatter houses but not homes" is so true! It makes me think of all the demolished mosques and churches left behind while religion thrives, all the anti-personnel mines that end up blowing bovines sky-high and dismembering children. These can kill the body and terrorize the soul but they will not change beliefs -if anything they increase and entrench solidarity. War can destroy cities but it cannot destroy the sense of community, of family, or love, even if it enacts irrevocable loss.

25/7/06 11:23  
Blogger vidyanjali said...

So true!

6/8/06 12:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The palistinians don't get it.

Their utter and complete failure both culturally and economically ... one would think it would sink in and they would change their failed tactics of 50+ years. It leaves me with the impression that a) they are stupid people or 2) they have stupid/selfish/low I.Q. leaders who control their society. Leaders that have ZERO compassion for the children in their society is a huge problem.

Germany and Japan were devistated after WWII but they figured out how to solve their problem without violence.
The US and others are continuing to occupy these countries as of today, 8/7/06, but the Germans and Japanese have delt with it in will some day be 100% free of US occupation. These contries made it work. The Palistinians have always chosen violence, always. They need to adopt a Christian attitude...but I guess that is an impossible scenario. At the very core of Islam, a religion created by war and occupation, jihad is too intertwined within the Palistinian psychie.

The violence and emotional instability is rooted with the Palistinian terrorists and arab terrorist.

-Why don't their arab brothers create an economic powerhouse within Palistine? Several Billion would be helpful... oops, I forgot Arafat and other great leaders of the palastinians have always economically raped their fellow arabs. I would have said fellow palistinians..but Arafat was born in Egypt.

The Palastinians are incompetent problem solvers... so are their intellectual comrads...(the Chompsky crowd... Marxist, communists...)

It is breathless to see how the leaders of Palistine are unwilling or incapable of solving their problem.

Their creation of violence and the homicide bombers they created made a life long impression on me, mr middle America.

Regardless of all the prejudice in reporting from all sides.... the homicide bombers are absolutely inhuman. The palistinians behave in a inhuman manner.

Take some lessons form Ghandi.

9/8/06 02:05  

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