21 July, 2006

Blind spots of the west...

The Israel-Lebanon conflict seems to be turning really nasty, what with civilians dying on both sides of the border. While the Hezbollah may not care about Lebanese civilans dying around them , shouldn't Israel start caring about the deaths of its civilians ? This particular conflict is dangerous to international politics on so many levels, that it is scary just to start thinking about the repurcussions...

The deaths of civilians on Lebanon by Israeli-made rockets, would give rise to more anger, desperation, and worst of all, more terrorists in the region. Terrorists, who will spread out all over the world to spread their "message" of death. The deaths of Israeli citizens would cause the Tel Aviv government to order more attacks and air strikes, thus ending up in a downward spiral for the entire region, while Iran, sitting pretty, laughs its head off !

The main part of this drama is being played elsewhere...in the diplomatic back rooms of the western world, where Israel has been given an unofficial additional week to try and "finish off" the Hezbollah before they get to sit down at the negotiation table. While I do not condone the actions of a terrorist orgamiztion, I wonder at the sanity behind airstrikes into southern Lebanon...rockets do not discriminate between the terrorists and civilians. The real perpetrators of the crimes are probably far off when the rockets come down. Thus, this extra week given by the west to Israel to send in more airstrikes against southern Lebanon, is probably the worst turn for the entire issue. If the Israelis were actually sending in their infantry or special forces to take down the terrorists, then I guess the extra time is a little more understandable, but not this.

While the Hezbollah must be disarmed and made to stand down by the so-called international organizations, one must try and ensure that "collateral damage" is limited and possibly avoided.


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