14 August, 2006

Media Bias: Israel vs Lebanon

"Oh, please. Have a slightly longer memory than four weeks." - George Galloway, a British MP

The video.

What do you believe? A brilliant, brilliant discussion. A must, must watch. A media bias exposed.

[Credit for the link: Husain from Dubai]

Update: The YouTube version...

[Credit for directing me to the YouTube version to Ankit]

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Anonymous pamthree said...

not sure whether it was a brilliant discussion, but his last words ring true
"blood of israelie is more valuable then lebanonese or palestine"

14/8/06 18:29  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I want people to see this video. Amazing how well he hits it on the head. The current cease fire is a joke: it further arms Israel and tries unsuccessfully to put Hizbollah in a corner. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I also suggest looking into Amnesty International's discussion of the Israel's imprisonment of Palestinians WITHOUT CHARGES who have been languishing for unknown reasons in jail cells for years. Many Palestians were killed in Gaza as target practice for Israeli soldiers. Women and children (usually teenagers) are also imprisoned. This never seems to merit discussion. Believe me, I hate terrorism and I lambast events like the killing of the Israeli athletes in Munich and suicide bombers, but one has to look at what drives people to such henious acts when diplomacy is one sided, rigged and deaf. I am glad to see that Galloway tried to expose media bias. But it takes more than him. And yes, I want Israel to survive and live in peace, but such a thing will not exist while the blood hatred continues and more powerful governments like the United States enable their aggressions. I promise I will blog all this eventually, but you all do such a good job. Thank you for inviting me to this blog. There are people in my country who see the hypocrisy, but they are in the minority. The media ceases to be informative and is now a mode of hynosis and mind control.

14/8/06 19:05  
Anonymous luxexorient said...

Thanks for the video. Galloway states some facts plainly and focuses on media bias. I have heard Galloway before, and I find him entertaining in the way that truthtellers usually are: tell the truth and further convince your opponents of their position against you. At the outbreak of the American Revolution Edmund Burke gave an eloquent speech on Reconciliation with the Colonies; it was true and brilliant in its depiction of the circumstances and the injustice of British measures not only against the Colonials but against Britain's own broader interests. Naturally, the effect of Burke's speech was to strengthen his opponents resolve to subdue the Colonies. People almost always hear what they want to hear the way they want to hear it. They who hear truth want to hear truth and thus be mastered by something greater, better and more powerful than themselves. This explains why people who hear truth seldom rule. As for Galloway, he has Dr Kevorkian's famous compassion for his opponents, and this failure to empathize with the ignorant and deluded allows Galloway to honk on about plain facts without the possibility of enlightening those with whom he speaks. I admit to being entertained. Real truth lies elsewhere.

14/8/06 20:10  
Blogger dining_philosopher said...

Allright. I completely agree with everything George Galloway is saying here. They reflect my own views on this issue. But, at the risk of being accused of shooting the messenger, I want to say the following. I wonder if Galloway is anti-war/terrorism/slaughter_of_innocents or simply is a white muslim extremist. I have a feeling that he belongs to the latter category. He seems to support everything and anything as long as its done by a Muslim. It seems to me that he is nothing but a white mullah. The reason I am saying that is Galloway's views on Kashmir. Take a look at this: http://www.cambridgeclarion.org/transcripts/galloway_5feb2005.html

Here are some excerpts:
...we weep for the thousands of kashmiri women subjected to brutal assault including organised rape as a policy and above all we salute unequivocally without fear we salute the courageous freedom fighters of indian-occupied kashmir....

In kashmir, in palestine, in iraq we see displayed another central truth of today. The powerful tell us that it is a question of democracy or terrorism while in truth it is a question of occupation or resistance that's what these three theatres - kashmir, palestine and iraq - have in common.

Now, we know that Indian security forces commit human rights violations. But I think it would be a mistake to draw parallels between whats happening in Lebanon/Iraq and whats happening in Kashmir. Zionists, one fine day, decided to go to the middle-east, plant their star-of-david flag there and claim the land as their own (apparently because God promised them that piece of land). US, one fine day, decided to go bomb Iraq saying that Iraq has WMDs. Later, when no WMDs were found, they continued bombing Iraq because they wanted to bestow the gift of democracy on the hapless Iraqis. Kashmir, on the other hand is not "foreign" land that India has occupied. The entire region was once called India. Kashmir is a much more complex problem which our very intelligent Mr.Galloway reduced to "occupation." All was well with Kashmir till Pakistan decided to usurp it. Hindus and Muslims were living in peace. Indians were not oppressing the Kashmiris the way Israelis are oppressing Palestinians. It was paradise on earth. All that was before Pakistan decided to meddle. Apparently, Mr.Galloway is relating the Kashmir problem to the Palestine issue and has equated India to Israel. I think he's an ignorant idiot who simply does not know what he's talking about. Either that or the Govt. of India has succeeded in brainwashing me well. If Indian security forces are indeed committing "organised rape as a policy" (and I dont think they are),then we should be ashamed of our media. But I think its just mindless propaganda - the kind mullahs use to recruit new "jihadis."

But what really irked me is when I read "salute the courageous freedom fighters" part. He is referring to people who drag innocent families out of their homes and slaughter them in cold blood. He is talking about people who bomb trains. I think that what US is doing in Iraq and what Israel is doing in Lebanon is wrong. But I dont support 911 bombers. I dont support Hizbollah's indiscriminate firing of rockets. I dont support the barbaric tactics being used by Iraqi insurgents/freedom-fighters. US and Israel are the biggest terrorists in the world today. But that does not mean that Al-Qaeda is not a terrorist organization. Killing innocents is wrong no matter who does it.

16/8/06 07:30  
Blogger Senor Cheeseburger said...

Yeah, Hezbollah are not terrorists... Sure they describe THEMSELVES as terrorists... but they are just kidding... And all those innocents they intentionally kill are really just accidents...


Someone drop a nuke on these assholes, please!

20/8/06 01:14  
Blogger dining_philosopher said...

Yes. And let Israeli children happily sign those nukes as they are doing here. I for one think that Israelis are as savage as the Nazis. And these savages are dictating India's foreign policy.
I dont know how much damage Jewish holocaust has done to the Jews but it has certainly done a lot of damage to the Muslims. The Jewish holocaust casualties are still on the rise. Very recently, around 1100 innocent Lebanese fell victim to the Jewish holocaust.

21/8/06 03:09  
Blogger dining_philosopher said...

Can anyone please point me to some good political blogs by Indians? I have seen a lot of Indian blogs dedicated to art/poetry etc. but not to politics and Indian foreign policy. It seems to me that the country is being sold to the US. I have noticed the extreme pro-US bias of Indian Express for sometime now. But I was blown away when I read the following article:


This seems to have been blatantly planted in the Indian Express by the US! The article, once again, does not have a byline so we dont know who wrote it. Who exactly is "we" that the article is talking about? How can a politician who does not have any understanding of the technology decide what a scientist can or cannot do? It is the scientists who have to develop the technology. They know better and their advice must be heeded. This article is misguided and is designed to pressurize the Indian scientific community. Indian Express is a vehicle for foreign propaganda and it should be ashamed of itself. But what about the bloggers? How come nobody seems to notice these things? How come India's silence on the Lebanon issue was met with indifference by the blogger community? This is perhaps the only blog that seems to talk about it.

Propaganda has silently reached Indian shores and everybodys sleeping. Soon Indian children will be studying poems praising George Bush from their textbooks. Perhaps even that will be met with indifference or even joy by the pusillanimous and somnambulist Indian bourgeois that cannot see or think beyond its apartment walls. I know coz I am one of them. We have been conquered and raped by just about everybody. US is next in the line.

Its been sometime since I left India. Can anybody tell me - are Indian students still studying Kipling?

The more we change the more we remain the same!

21/8/06 07:40  
Blogger Raghav said...

first off kudos to George for sticking to his guns

second of all kudos to the british media, hell u mite jump up and down and say how this reflects media bias but guess who exposed it THE MEDIA !!

the english media might not be fair at all times but it is the most free, unlike the American which has to cater to the american sentiment at all times, and our own which cares only about trps and about pleasing those in and with power.

now to dining philosopher, ur views are neither here nor there, its nice to toe the midle ground but you have to take a stand. lets not discuss kashmir, that is way screwed up, but israel and palestine i totally stand by the so called terrorists.
hell i even stand by osama.
yes his attack cost innocent lives but you know who i blame for it , AMERICA
if America wud stop playing God half of the terrorists wud give up guns and go sign up at the unemployment centre and hunt for jobs.
As long as America keeps giving them reasons and excuses, such attacks would continue, if America and its prostitute Blair is not stopped then global terrorism wont stop.
in fact if America keeps its hands out of Kashmir and stops supporting Pakistan and lets the two countries sort it out once and for all amongst themselves then we still might see the end to that conflict sometime.
although i have my doubts.
there is too much to gain politically for politicians on both sides.

21/8/06 20:40  
Blogger Sean Wheeler said...

Brilliant. Bravo. We need this guy as an analyst on CNN. That is, if CNN grew a brain and a conscience...

22/8/06 06:53  
Blogger dining_philosopher said...


US/Israel terrorism and Islamic terrorism have a symbiotic relationship. They nurture each other and strengthen each other. But it is almost always innocent people who get caught in the crossfire. Ofcourse, we can accept what Krishna says in Gita and decide that everybody who is affiliated with the "bad" side is worthy of punishment. So we can say that there are no innocents and every American is deserving of punishment. But I dont accept that.

I certainly think that Americans are, in general, power thirsty. Most Americans dont really care if their armed forces are killing innocent civilians elsewhere. They are used to it and are conditioned to accept it. You should see American "experts" nonchatantly discuss US' military options on TV without any respect for human life. They know that thats what it takes to be the most powerful nation in the world. And they accept it because they like being the most powerful nation in the world. They want to be the most powerful nation in the world and they want their government to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Its just that they dont want to hear the dirty, low level details of how their government goes about achieving it - they want to feel righteous and morally superior compared, ofcourse, to the uncivilized savages everywhere else (which country was it again where people worship cows?). So, there is tacit complicity of the masses. Its not even "complicity", its their culture. I also think that American capitalism, which Americans call their "value" and which soaks every aspect of American life (and which Indians are busy importing), is the root cause of their moral and ethical debauchery (no, I am not talking about sex here).

But I simply dont see, for example, how one year old kids can be guilty of anything. I dont see how birds and bees living in Israel/US are guilty of anything. Collective punishment is wrong and has to be opposed. Would you be willing to accept punishment for the misdeeds of Indian security forces. Is every sikh guilty of Indira Gandhi's assasination? Is every Hindu guilty of Babri Masjid demolition? Is every Muslim guilty of Mumbai bombings? I dont think all generalizing is wrong but its one thing to say "Americans are power-thirsty" and another to say "Kill all Americans". Its stupid to say that killing innocents is okay as long as US/Israel's enemies are doing that.

Having said that, I think that this cycle of terror was started by the US, Britain and Israel. They are the guilty parties. I think Israel is like a rabid dog with unchecked power that can do whatever it wants and get away with it. US loves having such a rabid dog at its beck and call. Power corrupts and Israelis have absolute power and are corrupted to the very core. Israelis massacre people the way Nazis did and innocently say, "we are doing it in self-defense." Americans, with some help from their one-sided media, readily buy that story.

But you are right - countries all over the world have to take a stand on this issue. If they havent already, they will be forced to take a stand when the world war arrives (and its almost here). India has decided to side with US/Israel. American media is calling India an "ally" (which I personally find nauseating). I think thats a bad move. Because, atleast to some people (you included), Indians now deserve collective punishment. And dont forget, Iraq was US ally once upon a time. India has befriended a snake...

22/8/06 08:31  
Blogger Raghav said...

Dining , you did not understand my comment at all

yes his attack cost innocent lives but you know who i blame for it , AMERICA
if America wud stop playing God half of the terrorists wud give up guns and go sign up at the unemployment centre and hunt for jobs.
As long as America keeps giving them reasons and excuses, such attacks would continue, if America and its prostitute Blair is not stopped then global terrorism wont stop.

no where have i said that innocent lives should be lost, what I am saying is that it is the UNITED STATES (and when we name a country we put the responsibility on the politicians or whatever body it is which makes the policies for that respective country and not each and every inhabitant of that country) which is responsible for the loss of all those innocent lives within and outside its boundaries.
lives lost at the hands of the terrorists and at those of its armed forces.
the solution to Global Terrorism therefor in my eyes lies in an overhaul of America's policies, and a fair and free UN which clearly knows its objectives and has the balls to follow them.

22/8/06 16:47  
Blogger Jez said...

George Galloway gets airtime because he is entertaining. He is entertaining because he appears to identify with 'islamic fundamentalism'. He does, however state the truth much more plainly than most media outlets and mainstream politicians. It is even true, that Hezbollah has gained support even among non-muslims in Lebanon, though I know for a fact, than many Lebanese, including Shia muslims would like to see Hezbollah refrain from provoking Israeli destruction of Lebanon, and would like to see Syria and Iran refrain from meddling in Lebanese affairs.
Much less attention is paid to journalists and commentators such as Robert Fisk or Noam Chomsky who lay down the facts about US/Israeli terrorism without praising the terrorism of Hezbollah, Hamas or Al Qaeda.

31/8/06 17:33  

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