11 September, 2007


A flag was flying half-mast
This morning.
Fluttering in the grey morning
The red white and blue
Outlined against the clouds

"A nation remembers"
They echo
And remember they do
Not despair of loss
But the fierceness of pride
Hope of setting things right.

"A political ploy to dictate the world"
Oft heard judgment passed.
Intellectuals who sneered
Went as far to say
"Good now they will know"
Humanity lost
In a wave of the fashionable
Anti-America rhetoric.

Forgetting that this flag
Remembers indeed.
Remembers its people
Remembers the hurt it felt
Remembers how hope surfaced
How humanity flourished.
A battle to be fought by all.

So a flag flies half- mast
Free and Brave in the wind.