29 November, 2008

Another Attack, aimed at our heart

I assume that the silence here on this blog against terrorism is mainly due to the disbelief that we are struck with. What is going on in Mumbai right now is beyond belief and imagination. In fact all that has happened to this country this year is also rather beyond imagination. And yet it is very true and very real. As real as the number of people dying by the minute right now. To me the real question is how was this possible? How is it, that in spite of so many terrorist attacks this year, we are not able to tighten our security system?? Is it because there are too many of us in India that we ourselves don't care how many of us are killed? I don't want to blame the government. Not because it is not responsible but because we ourselves are responsible for the government. And frankly after the PM's speech post this terror attack, I don't have much hopes. I think the ultimate responsibility is in our own hands. We need to be more cautious. More curious. In fact I would suggest being paranoid. Its not a safe world we are living in these days, so why pretend to? We need to ask questions. keep our eyes open for the least bit of suspicious thing we come across here and there. And if there is anything I want from the state, it is to take the people of the country seriously. To help us when we ask for help. Hoping that we do ask for help. Because the worst form of terror within the people of a country is helplessness and hopelessness. I want us to fight against these feelings. Together.



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