31 March, 2007


Blogger Brinson Gottshalk said...

Hello Everyone:

I have been browsing through your team of writers; I feel as though we have plenty in common.
If you haven't already take a look at my respit blogspot and its content; it's fully annotated and a true copyright; I truly would like at least a few comments of acknowledgement, as not a soul in the USA believes what I have been through - lucky to be alive [read detail on blog.] In fact guaranteed that pornography is allowed to flourish and my site has been "flagged" as a "problem", that is the answer to more than most of you may realize here in North America.

I am a phish out of water in the New Orleans markets, and having a very hard time finding people that can relate to what I've been through considering the actual scope of my travel and work etc.

Let's create some INSTANT KARMA!


Stefan A. Schoellmann
d.b.a. "Brinson Gottshalk Productions"

P.S. "Harbinger Harry" knows there's no point in "googling our names" ; )

9/4/07 08:14  
Blogger Ye manzilen !! said...

Good I found ur blog......but why article since January. Has the peace preavield or waht?

10/4/07 08:14  

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