29 July, 2006


Whats going on? Lets hazard a guess..game of chess, or worse still, a power play Bollywood style, villain vs common man? I always suspected our politicians to have serious misgivings of their heroism, not to forget their penchant for desi flicks.

But this was, lets face it, a good twist to an otherwise, drab, monotonous, predictable action movie. So it begins with a bang, err..ban.Fury unleashed via angry posts, indications of solidarity. sticky articles, beefing up for the final take. Both sides perched precariously, t.v. channels raking in the moolah. Torn between erudition over blasts or rhetoric over the ban, literary genius reaches a crescendo.

Innumerable, interviews, articles and trp's later, the ban gets lifted. Site meters go crashing, hindsight brings forth posts of futility of exercise and cynicism of public outrage. In other words, life returns to normal on the blogosphere, with a happy ending, where good has triumphed, pro active citizen is lauded and the blogger emerged victorious stroking his whiskers at 'fait accompli'...

Ah ah..but jumping the gun leads to barrings and bannings..literally. What was mistaken as the end was in fact the Intermission point.The second half is when the villain manages a coup. The first half was the 'trial run', deviously enacted to estimate strength and modus operandi. Just when all seemed cool on the western front, another ban was let loose.This time, selectively, as if to minimise backing and support. Struck by the audaciousness of the villain, hero now caught off guard and flummoxed..

to be continued..

In the circumstances, an innovative WAT idiom a la RGV, where the ending is creative, open and contiguous, is advisable.

(Our sages {my gang of five} advise two methods to dealing with madness. Counter it in equal proportion or then recall a bollywood film replete with mutitudinous tips to meet the challenge.

Btw,the trigger for this post was the ban by Incable in Mumbai on Blogger.com yet again, under directive from DoT, as of yesterday, so said an official.

Banging ones head against a wall in frustration, not considered a viable option)


Blogger Dan Husain said...

Whether it's a moron in DOT or someone in Incable who has woken up late but whoever it is needs a hard rap on his knuckles.

29/7/06 22:29  

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