17 July, 2006

Partners in Failure

After the initial frenzy, media has settled in finding facts and more importantly the people who should take the blame.

Hindustan Times (Big Story,Sunday,16th July) accused National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan for letting the good work done by his predecessors, Brijesh Mishra and Late J.N. Dixit (who left us when we needed him most!). Earlier Times Of India had reported that Maharashtra Government did not do the neccessary follow up of the central intelligence operations which aborted attack on RSS Headquarters in Nagpur and led to recovery of cache of arms in Ahmednagar. It said that Government has been using the state intelligence for spying the opposition's moves and the units have got very less time, personnel and motivation to locate and neutralize the umpteen sleeper cells ready to strike. Indian Express too expressed more or less similar sentiments.

But what was most worrisome for me, was the BJP deciding to play hate card. You don't need to
be Sherlock Holmes to understand motive behind Narendra Modi being brought in Mumbai. Almost all my news feeds in Live.com have been screaming that police and intelligence agencies were on the edge due to Modi's rally and hence increased chances of communal tensions and riots. I don't want to go in the warp of Godhara and its aftermaths but really by encouraging communal divide Modi and his counterparts in other parties have given terrorists precisely what their bosses in Pakistan had prayed for. And they might even have got unexpected friends like U.P. Chief Minister!

Maybe heads will roll in the intelligence and security establishments. Narayanan might go, Maharashtra and other states may have their intelligence and security measures beefed up, but what about these politicians? Who will make them accountable?


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