18 July, 2006

Bypassing the ISP firewalls

I am appalled at the depths to which the government of this country is sinking in order to curb freedom of speech. The Sri Krishna Commission Report is allowed to gather dust by labelling it classified. Fanaa and Da Vinci Code get “banned” in certain states in the country. Now, less than a week since the Mumbai train bomb blasts, ISP’s across the country are confirming that according to a DoT directive they are banning sites hosted on Blogger, Yahoo Geocities and Typepad – all mainstays of the country’s blogging population. The reason is probably the horrified reaction that the people have expressed through their weblogs.

What Mr. Manmohan Singh and his pathetic excuse for a government have failed to realise is that geeks rule the world today. Any attempts to play Big Brother will be ruthlessly routed.

If you wish to read a weblog hosted on any of the above mentioned sites, use any of the numerous proxy services available. My personal favourite is http://www.shysurfer.com. Simply open this site, and enter the url of the website you want to view and submit.

If you do not have continuous internet access you can have the weblogs emailed to you via www.web2mail.com. Open your email application or web-based email website. Compose a new email and address it to www@web2mail.com. In the subject enter the url of the website you want to view and send. The email body can be left blank.

The url for Writers Against Terrorism is http://writersagainstterrorism.blogspot.com. If you think that people may not remember the url to your blog and wish to you have it listed for reference please leave a comment here. I'll be glad to be of help.


Blogger ozymandiaz said...

Is this helpful to bloggers in India? Or just outside looking in? I am trying to help several who are shut off.

18/7/06 16:49  
Blogger Φ said...

neat post brother ..

19/7/06 02:54  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

You people rock. I love what you do.

25/7/06 11:27  

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