12 July, 2006

SMS your views on aatankwaad says tv!

what has happened to us? first the tv guys showed last year's footage to scare us during the rains, now they are asking people to bring in their videos and shots taken from cell phones to show us the 'real' pictures.

'...first class compartment ke parkhachche ud gaye! lekin aap batayen aap aatankwaad ke baare mein kya sochte hain! hame jald se jald aapke vichaar sms karen...' screeched the tv anchor on zee news

they even pretended to figure out who is responsible for the blasts, anchor in the studio asking the annoyingly loud woman on site:

'is there a connection you think between the morning blasts and the evening ones?' -- studio chick.

'i am not sure, the police are doing tehkeekaat, but chances are there is a thread connecting the two, but i am not sure...' -- on site crew

who made these two experts?

now i doubt if anyone who supports aatankwaad will actually sms the damned channel. but it was the same on each news channel. they all tried to emulate the cnn iraq war reporting style, yelling into the microphone.

what was funnier is that the tv channel was interviewing people at the train station who said inane things like:

'we are stuck here since seven o clock. the trains are running so late and no one is taking any action. they should start the trains. i need to go to virar.'

people like this actually exist?

and i had to switch off the tv when people stuck at the railway station began to wave at the camera, grinning.

now something should've happened to these guys.

oh did i forget to say how politicians got to these blast sites so quickly and efficiently? to 'condemn' the 'dastardly/cowardly attacks?

how come they escape the damned terror attacks every time?


Blogger Altaf said...

The things people do for TRPs!

12/7/06 02:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree more with you Manisha. It is unbelievable what depths our electronic media has plunged into.

12/7/06 09:25  
Blogger suniti said...

Our media is competing with American media in insensitivity.

12/7/06 09:45  
Blogger lovemarks said...

I agreee with you! I was real angry when I saw these people putting on a show for the TV channels- with bottles of water and trays of food!

And the tv anchors/interviewers really suck! They make a glamourous gossip out of news.

12/7/06 09:51  
Blogger Jugal said...

Oh, there are people who're sending messages on News Channels saying: "This is a sad day for Mumbai", etc! Not time for Propaganda! Politicians doing that is ENOUGH!

BTW news yesterday said: "Attacks by Terrorists, Agencies confirm that."
No, no, common man would go out on the streets and attack... or probably the police too! What shit! Of course they're terrorists!

12/7/06 15:27  
Blogger ozymandiaz said...

Media, call it what it truly is...a medium, a medium for politicians and panderers, proprietors of misery. It’s where the money is and takes little investment. For that matter, the less investment the better. Get someone else to send in the horror, don't get the hands dirty, just make profit. Terrorism is perfect fuel for the industrial war machine, fitting well into all aspects, including propaganda.

13/7/06 21:00  

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