13 July, 2006


Why does everything I am reading everywhere, on the recent blasts, or on terrorism, are laced through with a spoken or mute assumption that terrorist equals muslim?

Why does my educated, 'well exposed', metropolitan, non-traditional friend refer to a certain kid as 'that muslim boy'?

Why does even celebrity-hood, even today, even now (especially now) not protect someone from that fatal flaw: he was born a muslim?

I can almost hear the answers that would have been thrown back at me had I said this out loud to almost anyone I know; and I cringe at the thought that we still could think like this.


Blogger Batul said...

Yes, why, why? When I saw the news the other day, my first reaction was, "Oh God, please let it not be a Muslim terrorist responsible for this." And then, I felt the usual things, shame, a desire to defend Islam, a consciousness that once again all eyes would be on Muslims across the world.

13/7/06 18:41  
Blogger ozymandiaz said...

A person has two paths by which they accumulate knowledge; things they are taught and things they learn. (And by they I mean we, or moreover, I) Unfortunately, people as whole (generalizing here) gather far more information, be it fallacious or not, by the first of those means. It is far easier and takes much less faith in the self. So who is the teacher(s) here? Family, media, friends, religion, mass appeal...the lowest common denominator? All, and then some...
It is those indirect lessons taught to all of us that seem the worst; "we" and "they". Obviously for many people these are direct teaching, for those who are "enlightened", these messages slip into the subconscious and systems of support are fabricated.

13/7/06 20:50  
Blogger Rajendra Pradhan said...

True and unfortunate. Indian media (especially electronic) is not very wellknown for its sensibility.

Unfortunately, it is also true that almost all major terror attacks in India have been orchestrated by terrorists who happened to be muslims.

On top of that, it is ingrained in our Indian minds to label people by their caste and religion. In US, they have colour and race to distinguish one from the another. We have caste and religion.

I remember media persons being categorised as upper and lower castes when the debate on reservations was going on.

13/7/06 21:22  
Blogger ozymandiaz said...

They label themselves Muslim so we call them that. Are they in fact Muslim?
If you ask me, they are but tools of mayhem.
They are but tools.
So perhaps that is what we should call them.
I am by no means a fan of any religion.
But let us not sully a mass by individuals who claim to be a part of that mass.
They are tools.
Tools of hatred and power and greed and endless aberrations of mankind.
They are tools.
Let us then call them that.

13/7/06 21:35  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

personaly i don't give a shit what they call them selves. for me, whatever fraudulent name they hide behind, they are nothing more than scum.
not muslim.
not christian.
not jew.

14/7/06 03:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They proclaim to be fighting in the name of Islam ... Whatelse should they be called if not Muslims?

All the terrorists in world are Muslims, its a fact.

I wonder why dont the Indian Muslim community take up a hard stand against these brainwashed low-lifes, and send a strong message across the border, instead of just praying that its just not another muslim who did it!!!

Its an undebatable fact that Islamic terrorism is a curse of the mellinium.

Its also hard to beleive that a Religion instead of spreading peace and harmony can be interpreted to encourage mass killings and organised crime as we have been witnessing across the global arena, while the educated and influential class of same community dont do anything about it!!! Amazing....

All over the world innocent people are being killed in the name of Jihad, be it India, US , France, UK, Afganistan, Middle East u name it ..

And we hesistate to use the word Islam / Muslim ...why?

Makes me wonder .. Has it become demeaning or racist to call someone a Muslim?

__ The One

14/7/06 23:10  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15/7/06 00:14  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

anonymous>>>you are like a used tapax. useless and worthless. islam is a loving faith. just because a few arseholes pretend to be muslim just so they can partake in their cruel sport doesn't mean that they really are muslim. it is a bit like you. trying to pretend to be intelligent but patently thick as shit. a fake. a fraud and a coward who hides behind the anonymous name.

15/7/06 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey "Cocaine Jesus", are u high or something.

Firstly, I don't hide behind anonymous name I always sign off "The One", I just dont have the time or the inclination to create an ID here, even more so when ppl like u respond without getting their facts right? U certainly seem to be high .. can't read.

Secondly, I like ur reply seems, like ur pissed .. awesome!! let me give u some advice, next time u post something, and want it to be read by intelligent people talk some sense and logic. All that u have posted above is probably what u had been taught at home or called by other people all ur pathetic live ...

have the guts to reason me out and i'll bow to you ... but for now dont make any sense ..

By the way, some Christian might find ur Username really offensive!!! I appreciate ur sensitivity towards Islam ..hhahahhahaha

__The One

15/7/06 03:34  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

there are many christians who find my name offensive. i guess that they are either too stupid or too lazy to go and find out where the name Jesus comes from. Jesus is the anglisised variant of Jesu which in turn is the Greek derivative of Yoshua. The man's name was Yoshua and not Jesus. It is a bit like being named Peter in England and then by the time you hit Spain it has become translated to Pedro.
As for attempting to reason with you firstly I would need an intelligent preposition to argue against. You have clearly not supplied one. You say, and I quote "All over the world innocent people are being killed in the name of Jihad, be it India, US , France, UK, Afganistan, Middle East u name it .." Really? But that is singularly missing the point isn't it?
The point being in Islam it is a sin to commit murder against innocents or anyone who isn't a memeber of one army or another. Therefore those who claim to be Muslim but are acting outside of that faiths dictates are NOT Muslim but something other.

And don't try swapping insults with me child, you couldn't even begin to compete.

15/7/06 12:59  
Blogger mr.mobius said...

The writer essays a beautiful reflection.

And 'The One' proceeds to make what we only hope could have been a valid point and drops the ball entirely with the second statement in his volley of dotted words - "All the terrorists in world are Muslims, its a fact."

Is that so?

The only fact I can see in that statement is that you are missing an article.

Dear hollywood-action-flick-inspired-username, I would suggest you read up a little about the terrorism in Ireland. Give the LTTE a look over once you are done. Then you might start trying to define the word 'terrorism' and understand that even the Maoists in Nepal today fall under the broad spectrum of its definition.

Come back once you are done.

15/7/06 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I love this, let answer you guys one at a time.

1. Cocaine Jesus
Thanks for looking up history books, I dont think the church is going to rename Jesus back to Yoshua. So, as far as myself and many others are concerned Jesus refers to the masseah of Christainity.

Secondly, in every religion there are good, moderate and bad followers. To say that just because some one commited a crime he no longer belongs to a particular religion is absolutely absurd!!!

Also, Mr. Grandfather I'd expect you to post something worthy of you age (52 yrs) and experience. Calling me a kid is just not enough.

Know your facts right before you post, and please for the love of GOD (whatever u believe in) try and put up a valid, rational and logical dialog.

2. Mr.Mobius

Your Username seems to be more inspired by Hollywood than mine. What's depressing is that u read more into a freaking Username than what posted on the blog!!

To call any movement terrorist, depends on their ideology and one's stand on the suject.

I personally would'nt term the movent in Ireland as terrorist.
Also, the Maoists do not fall under the Terrorism umberlla. They were protesting against the monarchy in Nepal. They now form a good part of the Goverment the country. Which was previously only conncentrated in and around Kathmandu without adequate representation from the rural and backward areas. Monarcy in the current times is ridiculous! If it wasnt for the moaists Nepal would not have been a democratic and secular country.

I do agree that LTTE is a terrorist organisation, I am more opposed to its modulus operandi and philosophy than their vision of having a Tamil State.

Even having said that we have to agree that majority of the terrorism we face today unfortunety
has an Islamic inclination. Majority of these terrorist are trained in madresas within Islamic countries (Pakistan, Syria) sponsored by Arabs and Islamic fundamentalists, who get the dirty work done by brainwashing the lower class in these countries.

I am not opposed to Islam as it may seem from what I am posting here, but at the same time I dont live in denial!!

I consider it rather unfortunate that the religion is being used and manipulated to effectively promote killing in its name.

16/7/06 06:04  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

the lesson for you sweet pond life is before you open your mouth engage your brain first. and remember it is you who is responding to me. i am tugging your little strings and boy what an easy sport you are.

16/7/06 18:53  
Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

I am a Christian who has never found CJ's name or comments offensive. I confess that I didn't read all your comments, Anon, but Jesus and the Virgin were highly significant to the Muslim faith. And there are Muslims whose piety humbles me in their trust in God. What do we really know? God judges the heart. Should we condemn an entire religion based on the politization of the faith? Such a thing goes on in America? Does that make Christians who work side by side with the homeless and priest who care for the orphans in Guatamala suspect because they pray to the same God as Pat Robertson? I'm sorry if you felt attacked here--I have yet to write an article myself, but I don't believe we can hate based on another's faith--the Crusaders did that and the streets of Jerusalum were knee high in Jewish and Muslim blood. So let's show God's love and not our own hate; too much of it already exists.

18/7/06 05:44  

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