13 July, 2006

A Simple Fact

There is a fact that these less than human individuals seem to forget.

Not the kind of fact that will shake science to the core of its being perhaps but a fact nonetheless.

It isn't the kind of fact that you bring up at social gatherings in an attempt to improve your standing or show how clever you are but the fact remains.

It isn't the kind of fact that will be spread like a flag of euphoria across tomorrows banner headlines but it is still a fact.

Oh, I know facts are facts and some facts are bigger than other facts but this one isn't like that.

This fact is so simple that it borders on being stupid.

Well, not stupid exactly but so blisteringly obvious that even the poor unfortunate village idiot will know it to be true.

However, it is a fact that these people (do we dignify these low life individuals with such a noble title as human? I guess we do) seem to forget or ignore all too easily.

They are very fond of cut and pasting certain 'relevant’ quotes from this bible or that holy book but half the time these quotes are not given in the right context or, worse still, they are wholly taken and used absolutely out of context.


Because it suits.

It suits there purposes to bend what they declare as 'God's' will to fit their needs. They need to shackle the logic of the supreme creator (surely the most impossible of tasks?) to mans warped, violent, destructive and war like nature.


Because it suits.

You see people like these need an outlet for their violence. They need a reason to vent their aggression and if there wasn't one then they would probably invent one.

And even if you are like me and have no need for deities but still hold in firm belief a huge respect for those that do, for those good souls who, by their very actions, try and better them selves and their fellow man, then you would hold this fact, this simple so easily forgotten fact very dear to your heart.
We are one and the same species be we black skinned, brown skinned, yellow skinned or a skinny arsed white guy like me, we are still the same.

And this is the fact. The irrefutable inarguable fact that these pious, self righteous monsters forget as they wage their unholy wars of terror upon the innocent and the ignorant.

We are all human beings and the only crime, the biggest of crimes, is for one human being to kill another and these despicable creatures who masquerade as fellow human beings try and place themselves outside of that fact and that law and by so doing are guilty of the worst atrocities than if they were working for Satan himself.

Of course they won’t care. Why would they when they are carrying out God’s will and in the light of that Supreme being we are after all only human beings.

Just human beings.


Blogger doctor filth said...

That though is the one thing that these people, be they whatever variant strain of misguided faith, fail to recognise that the people that they blow up are innocent and that there is not one single faith on this planet that supports the killing of any innocent individual.

I can fully understand the anger, frutration and sheer resentment that some of these people have but bombing is not the answer. It doesn't work either. Governments rarely concede to terror in fact, more often than not, they tend to dig their heels in and resist the terrorist threat.
We have seen this in Northern Ireland with the IRA. We have seen it in Spain with the Basque seperatists and we have seen it with Al Quaida.
They do their worst but governments steadfastdly plough on resisting the manic demands.
Are these people so stupid that they are so unaware of the history of terrorism?
It never, ever works.

13/7/06 14:30  

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