13 July, 2006

The City Limps Back...

The city limps back. I've been hearing a lot about the Mumbaiker spirit and Sandhya here wondering whether we're thick-skinned but I think it is about survival.

Most people in Mumbai earn just enough to burn their stoves in the evening. There is just enough income to pay the exorbitant home rent, phone bills (everybody has a phone these days), LPG cylinders, electricity bill, water bill, conveyance bill, children's school fees, medical exigencies, food and ration, etc. A day lost means a cut in that meagre income.

Even if you're an office-goer and will not face a salary cut, you won't let an earned leave be sacrificed for rain or bomb blasts. There are greater personal tragedies to save these leaves for. There are greater personal struggles to take care of. There is a parent-teacher meeting at the school, last date to pay house tax/ income tax, in-laws to take care of, a family member to tend to, a court case, a job interview, and so on and so forth. Thus an already debilitated Mumbaiker cannot afford to sit back. He or she has a family to get back to and a bunch of dependents to face. So, we find within hours a Mumbaiker is up on his or her feet fighting another day to survive for the day after.


Blogger ozymandiaz said...

For terrorist to be truly effective they must sever the lives of the common man by severing the livelihood. They must bring a halt to the economic centers. No secret here, hugh.

Thank you Dan for inviting me here, so I would know of this site.

13/7/06 21:08  

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