13 September, 2006

Idle Recollection

The oxygen becomes thin
So many screams
So many words
Relinquished to whispers
Some vespers
Some curses
Curled up in tight little balls
Held back in the mouth
Like sour candy
Lips pucker
Eyes squint
Lose focus
And all the while
The dead tarry in their graves
Making room
For those to come…


Blogger Pecos Blue said...

very powerful.

13/9/06 22:18  
Blogger Pecos Blue said...

Very powerful

13/9/06 22:18  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

Wonderful imagery. One does feel the effect of the picture you've created with your words.

14/9/06 11:12  
Blogger Kaveetaa Kaul said...

soulful.. moving

14/9/06 16:12  

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