16 July, 2006


Today is the 5th day after the blast. A lot has happened since then. Night of 11th passed when people came out providing succor to those who were left stranded in the streets. They distributed food and water, opened up their homes, offices, colleges for people to rest in, queued to donate blood, provided help to those who were making rounds of the hospitals/railway stations to find information about their loved one. In the hour of crisis, they did what came naturally – acted in a humane way.

The next morning people were back to work, kids were back to school and the markets, the streets, the railway of Mumbai was back in business. A display of the 'never say die' spirit of Mumbaikars? Or was it simply that there is no other way of being? Work had to be done, money had to be earned, classes had to be attended – and one needed to travel to accomplish all this. So they were back to the crime spot, taking the very trains in which a few hundred had lost lives just a few hours ago. They clamped their mouth shut to prevent any screams from shattering the bauble of normalcy at display. And they calmed their fears, hoping to reach home safely and live another day.

Along came TV channels and their psychedelic interviews with people from all walks of life. Numerous forums sprung up condemning the act of terrorism, the terrorists in general, the dictators who unleashed mayhem to make a point, the leaders who thought they knew what was right and what was wrong and pushed countries to war. A lot of words have been generated; a lot of heat has been built up – BUT TO WHAT GOOD?

Will things change by carping about them? Will they change by holding others to blame? Will our leaders become responsible by creating a noise about their acts of irresponsibility? I don't think so. If we are really serious about wanting to see a change in the current scenario, if things have to change then we need to become part of the process that brings about change. We need to become active and create a country that we would like to live in. We need to define such an India and then see what we can do to make sure that it becomes so. Rather than raging, I'd rather be part of a group that gets down to making a difference in this lifetime.

Enough of waiting for me. I have dreams. I want to see India which is generous, strong, ambitious, humble, full of vitality, spiritual, responsible to it's citizens, the world and the universe; India which has a responsible leadership that it's citizens and world looks up to; India where people dream beautiful dreams and find support to make these dreams become reality; India which uses it's strength with discretion and intelligence; India which has faith in itself and inspires the same faith in others. I'd rather spend my energy creating a brilliant shinning India. Utopian dreams? Till they aren't achieved they might appear so to a few but they can be achieved or at least I can work towards making it come true.

And if we are not ready to take the responsibility to bring about a change, if we are not ready to act so that we create living conditions to our liking, it's time to keep our mouth shut! Either we learn this time and act or accept that someone or the other would kick us where it hurts - again and again.

Well, I am going to make this dream come true. I am going to create an India that I want to live in!


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