16 July, 2006

Virtual Terrorism

I hate the idea of moderation. It is a direct manifestation of censorship and at once a statement that people need to be regulated. But then why must we regulate anyone?

Speech like any other act wishes responsibility. Vitriolic assertions, blame-games, mud-slinging, name-calling; all that may make great fiction and high-pitched drama but I guess is uncalled for at a forum where we’re trying to put our heads together and speak against a genuine menace that plagues most of our societies. I am sure there must be a dignified way of protesting, opposing a certain idea that displeases us. Why must we abandon civility just because we wish to drive a point home? Do two wrongs make one wrong right? May be in our simple primary school mathematics but I guess not when rights are usurped and infringed upon. I can understand if you find a poem “rubbish”. Substantiate it. Speak your mind out and give a solid critique as to why you feel the poem is rubbish but what makes you say “pretentious ass”? Do you know the poet? And if you do so then perhaps you should take it up with him personally and not berate him on a public forum. I can understand your genuine outburst and anger against terrorism but what is the need to mock at someone’s pedigree or taunt him for his age. These acts defeat the very purpose of initiating a forum like this and distract us from the purpose of churning out a meaningful, well-thought out response to terrorism and other such bane. It might make for a great blog reading, may give voyeuristic thrills to some and to use the television jargon may enhance the blog’s TRP but I don’t think all who’re here came with any such intention.

Let’s not lose perspective. Feel free to comment and speak your mind against anything, which you feel is worthy of your opposition, but please let’s just do that in a more dignified manner. You’d be surprised how people may respond and even flex their viewpoints if you could argue out logically with them.

Though I’ve been using Internet close to a decade now, I woke up very late to the fact that I can use the same for showcasing my writings and expressing opinions: last two years to be precise. The first time I got an adverse comment on my writing, it was very demoralizing. I was dejected, lost confidence and almost felt like giving it up. But then for one adverse comment there would be many encouraging my writing too. I also found the worst were the ones, which were posted under anonymity. They were mean, derisive, mocking, almost humiliating. Over a period, I realized most such comments were posted with mal intentions and didn’t really have any literary value in them. Slowly, I conditioned myself to ignore them. But today I feel there is a parallel. Have you ever noticed that most anonymous comments are extremist, vitriolic, abusive and filled with hatred? Isn’t that the way the anonymous bombers operate? I call this virtual terrorism. Please do not adopt the ways of those whom we intend to oppose.



Blogger Falstaff said...

While I don't disagree - I can't help feeling you're overreacting. Anonymous commenters who leave incoherent and scathing comments are to be ignored with a shrug of the shoulders. If you're insecure enough to be hurt by so juvenile a comment, then you should probably revisit what you've written - your own lack of confidence in it suggests that the commenter might have a point.

I'm not suggesting, of course, that standards of decency in blog comments should not be championed, but comparing some entirely trivial comment to the brutal reality of terrorist violence is fairly ridiculous. Let's not give these anonymice more importance than they deserve by comparing them to terrorists. Let's recognise them for what they are - pathetic individuals with nothing to say who there's no reason to pay any attention to. I'm amazed that either Arka or you should feel the need to 'defend' the poem against such puerile sniping.

16/7/06 17:45  

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