16 July, 2006

Questions the mind asks.

1. Eyewitnesses claim there were at least 200 people dead per station. If we think this figure too high and consider even half the amount of dead (knowing it to be a traffic-heavy time), the overall figure should be 700. If we still think this figure impossibly high and consider only about 50 people per station as entire bogies were blown up and people on the station died too, then too the figure comes to 350. The official figure being announced is near to 200 people. How?
2. Where were the police? There's always some official, especially at Bandra station rounding up 'hafta' from rickshaw drivers... traffic police too, especially at peak hours like this. So where were they till an hour after the blasts?
3. Is Pasricha's claim that politicians are involved, true? Is that why he is being asked to shut up?
4. 'Apparently' the police were informed in advance that the blasts were to take place. Was that why they arrived an hour late?
5. Intelligence sources are 'pretty sure' that the SIMI is involved in these attacks. This being 'confirmed' by the Home Ministry. Then how come the leader of SIMI is being given a clean chit from one of the politicians (Mulayam Singh Yadav- a chief minister, no less) and a political party like Samajwadi? (ps: Do the samajwadi people even understand the meaning of their party name?)
6. This again leads tracks to Dawood. Why is it so difficult to catch/kill the guy, when he is present for filmy functions of Bollywood, and vice versa?
7. How come, that in any terrorist attack, all across the globe, there is never a celebrity or politician killed?
All the above questions need factual and true answers... who's going to give them?


Blogger Enemy of the Republic said...

Question 7 is something I have asked as well. I think I will allow the suppositions to stand--they just may be so. It's an historical reality that the innocent and those on the fringes of society often pay the price of the excesses the decision makers push upon us.

18/7/06 05:34  

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