15 July, 2006

Who's responsible?

A friend of mine told me "It's the Muslims who are responsible for the blasts, we should teach them a lesson".

That sounded about right, so I picked up my trusty machete and set out to avenge the deaths of my innocent countrymen.

I went and confronted Khan Sahib , who owned a small shop in the neighborhood.

Me: "It's you Muslims who are responsible for the blasts, I have come to teach you all a lesson."

KS: "I had nothing to do with the blasts, you cannot hold me responsible for everybody who shares my religion."

Me: "Don't you share their ideology? Don't you support them?"

KS: "No, how did you assume that I do? I don't support anybody who commits or incites violence."

Me: "If you don't support them, why don't you speak out against them?"

KS: "These fundamentalists are dangerous people, I am afraid to mess with them. I have a family, a business. I know I am not a hero, that I am not doing the brave thing, but does that mean I am one of them?"

Me: "But isn't Islam a militant religion, isn't it dangerous to let it grow?"

KS: "Find somebody else to debate that with. All that matters is that I am not militant."

As I stepped out from Khan Sahib's shop, I realized that I had nowhere to go next, that each one of the Muslims I knew was no more responsible for the blasts than I was.

I still want to punish those who did it, so I decided to go back and ask my friend: "It might have been Muslims that did it, but specifically which ones?"


Blogger Shanya Alam said...

well.. sounds quite right. It is sad but true that Islam has to suffer at the hands of it's own so-called followers. One's who have tarnished the image to such an extent that even the peace-loving true muslims are targetted for something they had nothing to do with.
A faith can never be wrong - it's the people who claim to follow it are at fault. In fulfilling thier selfish goals, they forget that they might go hiding, but they leave behind the community to suffer because of their acts of fanatism.

16/7/06 14:36  

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