12 July, 2006

A message from an Indian away from home.

Friends of my family, who are currently away in Australia for a vacation, have been much disturbed to read news of events back home. Here is an e-mail I recieved this morning.


Heared about the explosins in Rails in western side in Mumbai here in 6 am news i.e 1.30am there in Bmy.
What is happening. Bhivandi, Shivajipark and all maharashtra and now BMy railways. Always crowded all the time and during the peak hours. Read Maharastra times web page that almost all in bmy offices have provided place for stay at the working place, schools etc.

Who is doing all this. Why not Military take over administration for some time and free the public from these political fat tummy politicians. They are for making money for them selves and least bothered about progress which any way they know Indian people manage from thousands of years history.
Sorry since stunned wrote this long
Hope the climate will improve.

Prabhu and family


Anonymous Anonymous said...

after bomb blast at the name of condolace with victims now shive-sena bjp gethering people and creating hate in the name of religious
situation my be like gujrat. and one more cmininal modi coming to mumbai. for increaing more hate

can we stop it. save some more life of indian by informing and requesting by maharashtra government stop this communal leaders speech which my be break indians from inside

17/7/06 14:31  

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