14 July, 2006

Can the War against terrorism ever be won?

Mahesh says: Lets take Thackeray and Dawood on.

And is that a solution or is it just a creative outlet for the rage we all feel.

Isn’t it foolish to assume that with the two of them not around, we will be able to live in peace again. Will Al Qaeda end with bin Laden? Did organized crime end with Al Capone? However, I agree that we need to shed our need to be the politically correct Mr Nice Guys. Its time to take the gloves off. We need the Prime Minister to tell Dawood that we are coming to get him. We need to stop playing by the rules. We need to send a few hitmen and get the man – no matter where he is hiding. World opinion be damned. We need to get Balasaheb and his goons any which way we can. And then do the same with their replacements. But let us not kid ourselves into believing that our troubles will end with the two of them. And lets face it – the War against terror can NOT be won. You take one terrorist out, 5 will be ready to replace him. We are too large a target. We might stave them off 99 times but they are sure to succeed atleast once. And for them and for their purpose that once is enough. And that’s the scary bit. But lets ensure that the price they’ll have to pay for that one success will make them think again before they try another similar stunt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does'nt just India assasinate the most wanted, instead of fooling around and waiting for Pakistan to capture and extradite them .. Never gonna happen

_ The One.

14/7/06 23:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes first our internal criminals must start from thackry advani all the dirty criminals of gurjat who burnt the littel crying muslims baby by pouring petrol in the mouth fo children

17/7/06 14:43  

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