13 July, 2006

Resilience, amnesia and apathy

Much is being said about the legendary resilience of Mumbaikars. It is true too. But I think it is time to stop saluting that resilience and think about ways to make them remember this event, keep their eyes wide open.

Public memory is very short. Mixed with the much-saluted resilience is amnesia and apathy. Nose to grindstone attitude of Mumbai’s working class means that life will go on as usual, until the next round of blasts.

Local train is truly Mumbai’s lifeline. The sheer number of people that gather in stations at rush hour makes it impossible for any security measures to work. On the other hand, this sheer number itself can be utilized to keep vigil, only if they are constantly reminded of the consequence of looking the other way.

How to keep the commuters always alert? I have an idea. The coaches that were mangled in the blasts could be used for this. Repair them just enough so that they can be attached to the trains, just behind the engine. Not for people to travel in, but as a daily reminder of the very real threat of terrorism.

It may seem grim. But those thousands of pairs of alert eyes will be quite a deterrent to the terrorist.


Blogger Abhishek said...

Do you think that by doing what you have suggested, TERRORISM shall ever be removed.Can you ever remove any of ur problem just by remembering how did it happen the last time.

13/7/06 22:09  
Blogger Rajendra Pradhan said...

not remove, but deter perhaps. And yes, I believe we can prevent recurrence of our mistakes by remembering them.

13/7/06 23:52  

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