14 July, 2006

Lets make ourselves useful!

All our posts (including my earlier one) have been talking about how outraged, hurt, angry, pissed off, sad...we all are. About how things should have been, who should have behaved how and what the authorities, citizens, respective members of various religions should have talked or done. So much so that we sound like a bunch of self-imposed loud mouths who are taking on the members of this group rather than issues.
Quite frankly, I for one (don't know about you) do not want to know whom to blame. Some terrible things have happened to our cities and country... and some are still happening. No way of saying they won't be repeated.
So what now?
Can we, as a forum, get together and list out possible solutions for the immediate future and also give some thoughts for the long term betterment of this country?...Ideas that can be collected and maybe passed on to the respective authorities for implementation.


Blogger Rajendra Pradhan said...

You are right. We should think up some ways to deter the terrorist. In my post "Resilience, amnesia and apathy" I have suggested a way to keep public memory alive.

14/7/06 09:55  
Blogger Bedevilled said...

Although, direct link between terrorist events & declining (if not declined to the hilt) political values is difficult to establish, but i think these are highly co-related.

Our politicians have undermined every institution in this country. They took kickbacks and
purchased sub-standard weapons, got uneligible people recruited in police forces, got honest officers transferred to ineffectual posts, decided to overlook violence if it suits to them, so on........

The same they have done with infrastructure, education, science...everything.

Need of the hour is to ensure that good people are sent to Vidhan Sabha & Parliament. For this there is urgent need that every concerned citizen go and vote for the least worst candidate. (i don't hope for best candidate right now, but definitely they would come up if we continue this strategy.)

14/7/06 12:25  
Blogger lovemarks said...

Thanks Rajendra and bedevilled!

14/7/06 12:39  

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