31 July, 2006

Yes, we are not happy!

They say India is not happy enough. It's little neighbors like Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka are happier. I say what's there to be surprised?

Since 9/11 we have been told by everyone: the government, the media and self-proclaimed foreign affairs experts, that west understands India's security concerns better now that they too have been stung by terrorism. But is that really true? Do they really understand our concerns?Then why the hell don't they all force Musharraf and his gang to kick off his "Jehadi" lapdogs?

What's worse is that we can't even now claim that ISI is behind all this destruction and they have launched what they started in Kashmir in early 90s. Because everyone wants proof! And if we give proofs, address of terrorist camps and terrorist kingpins, Pakistanis respond with equal material, however absurd it may be! And when we say that these things are nonsense, they have same thing to tell us. And on international forums they can conveniently tell the world that they are cooperating with India in its war on terror. So simple!

In the recent India Today cover story, they discussed what can be our options for dealing with Pakistan. And much to our horror, we can't do anything except putting our intelligence and couter-terrorism setup in order. We will have to talk to them, blasts and killings notwithstanding!

And perhaps the blasts have come as a reminder to the security and intelligence establishment. The allegations and rumors that some of the J&K Police and Army personnel are hand in glove with terrorists have proved to be true. Senior officers are in denial mode again about ISI infilteration in the forces and that is just too bad.

Then is it surprising that we are not happy?


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