23 September, 2006

The Few and The Many

these are the few,
the hindus,
the pagans,
the rastas,
the sikhs,
the shinto,
the buddhists,
the taoists.
these are the few that number two billion.

these are the many,
the jews
and the christians
and the muslims,
who number four billion and kill not only themselves
but also the few with their games of whose word of god is right.

why won't you listen to your singular god?
"thou shalt not kill"
why won't you practise what you preach?
"love thy neighbour"

and the few shall inherit the debris of death.

words by cocaine jesus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice words, but a trifle judgemental
i dont think that putting the entire onus of violence and death on just three communities is all that justified

23/9/06 10:11  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

i am not. i think ALL organised religion is to the detriment of mankind even though there are many good people who follow their faiths in a positive fashion.

26/9/06 14:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you took the words right out of my mouth.
I am a christian and have no idea what or where others called this got their teaching ...
Fear of god is only the begining of wisdom so any religion that is fear based would be false right?
The message was "good" news and freedom.
I agree with what you have said about Jesus aswell He stood against the establishment.

3/11/06 00:44  

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