24 September, 2006

THE THIEF OF RAGE (Organised Religion)

Everyone has a right to believe in whatever they chose to believe in.

Everyone has a right to select and follow whatever faith they feel comfortable whether be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or any of the multitude of other religions that there are to chose from.
Unfortunately, with mankind being the corrupt, tribalistic bunch they are something is bound to get screwed somewhere.

Not content to simply follow their own faiths quietly and to share it with only those that ask to partake in it, they, all of 'em, go around waving the flag and beating the drum for their own secular principles.
It is like a constant game of one-up-man-ship that can only lead to more and more passionate disagreement as to who is right and to who is wrong.

One God says do it this way whilst another says do the reverse.

All organised religion is a mortally flawed concept with failed dogma and outdated rituals used to invoke fear into its followers. You won't get to heaven unless you do as we/god tells you. This argument is then followed up with a swift..it says in the Holy Book.
And who pray tell wrote the Holy Book in the first place?

I do not think so.

What kind of Father rules by fear?

Not only do they all attempt to frighten their followers into submitting to their twisted vision of Gods Word they then fleece them of what little money they have so as to enrich their own coffers to enable their own insular society to flourish. The churches of all denomiations and all faiths are nothing but propaganda machines whose sole purpose is to spread the word, their word, to anyone who might have two ears and a pocket full of cash to throw their way. They all share the same vision of a world that is dominated by their own brand of God.

God, what ever your concept of God may be, is a beautiful thing. A heartbeat that drums throughout the life blood of humanity. It is the thing that lets us all know how small we are in the scheme of things but also how vitally important in the balance of creation we truly are.

Organised religion is like a mens club where people of similar thoughts go to share their beliefs. Nothing wrong with that but why try to foist it on the rest of us?

I imagine that if the man that Christians refer to as Jesus (Jesus by the way is the angliscised version of the Greek Jesu which is a variant of the Hebrew Joshua) were alive, or Mohamed, they would both cry out in horror and shame "STOP. That is NOT what we meant".

The largest cause of the warped faith of Christianity is Paul. He wasn't even a close associate of Joshua's but he highjacked the man's teachings and then mutated them to suit himself. He was a homophobic rabble rouser who jumped onto the back of a great man in an attempt to twist power away from the Jews who he despised onto the faith that he created in the name of Jesus.

Make no mistake. Joshua (Jesus) was a Jew. A man of vision and a prophet of the Jewish faith. He was not the son of God nor did he want to create a new form of religion. He may have wanted to see changes made within his own faith but he did not form Christianity as a new faith. Paul did.
And Paul was a very flawed individual.

"Jesus, a strict Jew, will have been surprised to find that he had become a reformer of the law, and the reforms allowed gentiles free access to the Jewish God. Quite different was the teaching of Paul for whom the law was unimportant and Jesus an example of the dying and resurrecting god of the east whose teachings were irrelevant.
Thus, a strict upholder of the law became a liberalizer of strict Judaism for his gentile or Hellenized followers, the early Christians. Christians then began to maintain that Jesus had been a reformer all along. He was transformed from a strictly Jewish revolutionary into a reforming universal ethical teacher. And the myth has stuck."

There are those who criticise the modern Muslim faith saying that they are too violent, too agressive, too extreme. Certainly there are sections of the Muslim faith that lean too easily and too readily to violent actions. Killing innocent people is murder in the eyes of God and suicide is an act that betrays the gift of God which is life.
But hang on a minute Christians before you start scoring points over the worlds next largest growing faith, Islam, what about the Crusades? Were they not an act of evil committed by the Christian faith? Or what about the Spanish Inquisition?

Violence is never an answer or a solution to any problem. To defend ones self is a moral right and violent defence in the face of a violent act is a natural and fair response, but to blow up or kill people in the pretence that it is on Gods behalf is a vile and pernicious lie.

God does not, never has and never will sanction or bless a violent attack.

More than half of the worlds problems are caused by organised religion.

Holy and War are not compatriots. God and The Devil don't play golf. The words do not sit comfortably together.
Warlike is what we are.
Holy is what we would like to be.

Isn't it time that we started to look elsewhere for our moral and spiritual guidance?

There are many other religions that do not treat faith as though it were an act of world dominance. Many of the other, old beliefs, all practise a compasionate and loving way of life. Not one of them ever commits acts of violence unless it is in self defence and more imprtantly they practise what they preach but do not preach to convert.

I repeat, isn't it time that we started to look elsewhere for our moral and spiritual guidance?


Blogger SASH said...

Most of the organised religion throughout history has always stratified their society created divisions (possibly for better organisation and coordination?)... deeming a certain class of individuals higher than the others... and no wonder, a human in power would like to cling onto it summonning all his vices, and religion, not surprisingly has changed and evolved to be advantegeous to that certain groups, which have sucessfully exploited the status to advantageously interpret the practices...

hence today most religions suffer from lack of proper holistic or abstarct understanding...

And the society is being torn between the superficial preaching of all forms of equality, and the age old tradition of non-questionable hierarchial practices... and we find its happenning today in all parts of the world...

24/9/06 02:31  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

in a nutshell organised relgion sucks. not always the followers of any particular faith but the office that controls that faith. for example the papal offices with their homophobic and sexist bias. also the higher offices of islam which, as far as i can see is so alike to christianity that they could be the same faith, is also sexist and homophobic. the trouble with ALL such extreme faiths is that all it takes is for one lunatic to get into power and BABOOM... all hell breaks loose. imagine, for example, if o Bush, or one of his supporters, took the catholic/christian creed to its final and fatalistic finale of armagedon. mankind destroyed and the christ returns. there are some out there who long for that day. all it would take is for them to pre-empt if with a few well aimed missiles.

26/9/06 14:11  
Blogger ozymandiaz said...

We can blame the Sheppard
But the sheep must yet follow
Not all atrocities are perpetrated by religious fanatics
Many "isms" have lent hand
The question begs
What is it with the human soul that empowers such depravities?
What makes the sheep?

So many answers jump to mind and no single one with simple solution. How then to free ourselves from the tangle?

Words can be used to make monsters, but seldom words alone…
Can words alone destroy them?

27/9/06 08:23  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

ozymandiaz>>>they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. not sure i buy that. words can hurt and inflame and possibly make a point but can they make people change?
well the bible and the koran are nothing but a set of words written down by men and revered by 54% of the worlds population so maybe words can make a difference.

27/9/06 13:44  
Blogger Hepzibah said...

Dear CJ -

I agree that man corrupts, however, we should not throw out a relationship with God along with the dirty bath water.

I pray that God will bless you, indeed.

27/9/06 19:32  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

hepzibah>>>thank you and you also

27/9/06 21:04  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

hepzibah>>>oh, by the way god already has blessed me. he and i get on fine and without the need of a church or a bible. i do not trouble or offend him, although i often offend those who pretend to be his followers, he doesn't trouble me. we coexist. you see i am as one with the ten thousand things and am very happy to be so.

30/9/06 01:36  

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