19 December, 2006

no matter the god, nothing ever changes




(RIP Castor & thanks)
all words and art are copyright © of cocaine jesus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God...why are these images not shown on American main stream media?!?!

20/12/06 07:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God...why aren't these images shown in main stream american media?!?

20/12/06 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

god must be a f*# pervert to allow this...unless its back to old fashioned existentialism and our responsibility as human beings towards each other.......well then atlest to our children....


5/1/07 06:01  
Blogger Forty_Two said...

You probably won't like my August, 2005 post.

6/1/07 19:40  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

forty two>>>in that case i won't bother reading it.

7/1/07 04:38  
Blogger Ben said...

wow, constructive.

4/2/07 06:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us curse the Gods for Humankind's sense of empathy.

19/11/07 21:54  

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