30 September, 2006

The Thief of Rage 2

I was brought up as a Christian. My Mother was and is a Salvationist. I learnt from an early age the bizarre rituals and unhealthy dogma that surround and make up not only the Christian faith but also the Jewish muddle and the equally odd Muslim beliefs.

"our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name"


If it sounds as though I am either being unkind or cruel then forgive me and anyway if your faith is so easily bruised then it is not much of a faith anyway is it? I mean no great disrespect to any of these faiths who have numbered amongst them people who are my friends and my family but there is some thing creepingly disquieting and darkly ominous about all and any organised religion. Organised religion is at best an accumulation of of dead ritual, lifeless dogma and a faith that is established on fear. The Church, any church gets in the way of pure faith by placing priests and bishops sharply between the congreation and their constructed deities.

Who needs a church anyway? It is nothing more than a club for like minded individuals to gather, eat buns, drink tea and sing vile and decaying ancient songs. Far better, surely, to go direct and for that you do not need, no matter how beautiful the works of architecture, a temple, mosque or synagogue.

"you are closer to God in the garden than any where else on earth"

Why is it that throughout mans short, by natures terms but long in the count of his own, time here had to construct personified deities? As a focus or an outlet of their spiritual faith I suppose but why try to shackle god to the limited wisdom and flimsy logic of mankind in the first place?

"Those who turn to deities as intermediaries between themselves and the subtle truth are like beggars who look outside themselves for the very treasure contained within their own nature. It is only after one discovers one's own divine nature that prayer or any form of worshiping the One Universal Life can be a true and effective spiritual cultivation of the wholeness of eternal life."

Surely God is the big bang?
God is the Tsunami.
God is corruption.
God is quantum physics.
Life and death.
Random creation.
An energy force that exists within and without us.

It is patently obvious to all that in the scheme of things we play only a small part. We are subject to the same laws and rules that nature has placed upon us for all eternity. And yet we still insist upon seeking wisdoms that exist beyond those holiest of strictures.

We still insist on giving names to something that is nameless and dressing it up in mumbo jumbo when in reality it is as simple to follow and understand as ABC.

If only we had the wisdom of the ancients to look and observe the god that surrounds us in our daily lives. The rules of man conflict with the natural rule of life. Women are every bit the equal of men and yet here we are, in the twenty first century with women still bound and dressed by the interpretative machinations of men. OK, you might argue that wearing clothes that conform to a particular faith is in itself a choice of faith, and that if a women chooses to dress like that then it is up to her. You would of course be right but the fundamental flaw in that is of course that the origins of the three major western faiths are that they were all written by men during a time, less enlightened, when women were very much second class citizens.

As Mao once said.

"women are the other half of the sky"

Homosexuality is another blind spot numbered among the many blind spots that men have created. Sex is natural. It is fun. It isn't just for procreation. It isn't just mankind that has invented the concept of "gay sex". I have seen with these humble eyes of mine two dogs, that is two boy dogs, screwing each other until their tongues lolled with pleasure. Stallions in the field copulating so hard that both myself and my children giggled our fool heads off.

Homosexuality is just another facet in the jeweled face of Tao, of nature. All love is blessed because it is a positive opposed to negative action with the only people affected by it being the people that partake of it.

And only the most warped and detestable of faiths would prevent the homosexual amongst them from preaching their pompous and perverse doctrine.

Soon it will be Christmas. A Christian festival. Right?

A festival that celebrates Christ's birth. Right?


It is also a far older festival than that. It is a Pagan celebration. One to break up the grey monotomy of winter and also to reaffirm that life will come again in spring.

Yuletide is not Christmas. It is something different again.

In this world we have a variety of faiths and beliefs. All of them at their roots good. All of them equal. Now is the time for people to follow their faiths and not their leaders nor the evangelists of any faith who will only destroy the garden we were given.

You see at the root of terrorism is faith. Faith perverted by man and if it means throwing out 'god' along with the bath water then the 'god' in question isn't much of a god any way is it?


Blogger Nikki_Jilton said...

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in organized religion or God. I'm not an Agnostic, I don't believe that there might be something there. My 2 cents on organized religion: there are only 2 groups that committed ethnic cleansing of the jews, the nazis and the christians. Go figure.

28/10/06 09:47  
Blogger dining_philosopher said...

Huh! You forgot to mention Jews and the atrocities they are comitting against palestinians and the Lebanese. They are the new Nazis.

1/11/06 11:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol.... I am having a fit of rage myself ... I'm on rant #4 I think and I havent even begun to get into organized religion.
like what you said so far. :)

3/11/06 00:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God is not the solution, he IS the problem.


12/11/06 10:52  

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