12 July, 2006

Garbled grief

Thanks Dan, for setting up the blog - I hope we get some practical and productive discussions here. Right now it's anger and grief and shock flowing through most of us in Mumbai and outside. As this wears off we're going to discuss many things and how as regular citizens we can impact action.
- how do we sensitize the media to handle tragedies like this in a responsible manner. I completely agree with Manisha - we have young reporters deciding every issue on the spot. While one appreciates the television media's role in keeping the country informed, they truly need to stay with information and not run away with emotion and presumptions and conclusions - all of which influence even educated watchers and stimulate responses that are NOT needed right now before any assessment can be done. It's a tough job being a media reporter in times of crises, but it also needs guidelines and sensitivity not only to grief but to truth and the mandate of your role.
- why don't we allow the relevant agencies - be it cops or the administration - the time and space to act. I realize they don't have great track records, but we don't even give them a chance which again ends up with them defending their positions or pulling each other down.
- I'm sure RTI has provisions to include citizens in the prevention of terrorism - and so much more alertness has to be spread about this. We all run and shape our country in some small way and each person can take steps.
- And then there are the larger issues like judicial policies and past actions / all sorts of nexus / and all the social problems we continue to expand everyday within the country.
I'm sure we'll all come back with more. Venting right now in the wake of garbled grief!
Take care all of you - Anita


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