12 July, 2006

Sion Hospital Needs Blood - All groups

Sion Hospital, till this morning, were the best organised during the blasts. Today they are 1800 bottles short.

Anyone who is willing to donate needs to reach the hospital blood bank and register. They are looking for all blood groups.

I can't quite decide whether this city has an undying spirit that lets people get back on their feet the very next day after something like this or if we are actually a little thick-skinned, a little jaded and more than a little selfish. I can't help but wonder if are attitude is one of "Nothing's happened to me or my family, so I am going to go on with life," or is it just fighting spirit that keeps us going.

The outrage hasn't gone away, but it's been dulled with a little sadness. And the frustration continues. There's not much I can do.


Blogger Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) said...

Just an FYI:

Sion Hospital DOES NOT need blood at this time, they have surplus blood and storage problems.

There's also a first-hand report here by a chap who went there to donate blood. Please don't go by TV reports on the subject. Hospital numbers are posted here, please call up and ask before you go anywhere to donate

-- from Amit Varma via email.

Please see the MumbaiHelp wiki for more info (mumbaihelp.jot.com)

12/7/06 14:50  
Blogger Pratyush said...

Sion Hospital does not need blood as Amit Varma found out here

Please correct the same.

12/7/06 14:50  
Blogger Therestlessquill said...

Amit and Pratyush,

Not going by TV reports. I work for a newspaper, and Sion hospital called all of the media this morning saying they were short. By afternoon, the requirement was met. I am glad for that.

12/7/06 19:32  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

just reminding you all, that people who are diabetic and suffer from heart diseases cannot donate blood...

13/7/06 16:28  

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