12 July, 2006

What's next..

Please let us know if there are sufficient aid to people in hospitals. If there is blood requirement please post it here, I will do all that is in my measure to help.

My condolences to innocent people that lost their life...

No matter how different we are inside our country..We are united no matter what. At this hour, let us only remind ourselves that all these unscrupulous attempts to shatter what we are as a nation will remain fruitless. Soon they will reap the fruits of their heinous acts.

May be it is some cause we don't understand, may be it is some weird philosophy they follow, may be they are insatiable for blood and more blood, may be they want something we don't have a fucking clue about. They are not normal people, not to me at least.

But this I know, it hurts me a lot to even hear people whom I don't know yet have lost their lives.....May their soul rest in peace.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is in response to the article in Reader's Digest which says Mumbia is the rudest city. Ok ppl in Mumbai may nt open doors,or thank others all the time, but i hope the ppl who conducted the survey saw how the common people were carrying away bodies and helping the injured and even providing water to those stranded.Dont you think these acts of kindness are much more imp than just opening doors??RD, pls reconsider!!

14/7/06 02:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude ur are pathetic. All you could think of on this post is settling your score with RD.

Who the hell cares what RD think about Mumbai .. not me for sure. I give a Damn to what others think.

Whats more depressing is what u think. Why are people so obssesd with showing a nice image to the world.

We are what we are, and we should be proud of it. And give a FUCK to the world!

__The One

15/7/06 00:26  

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